Tom Cline for Gilroy City Council

Trusted Leadership
Trusted Leadership

A promise to the community:

After deep personal reflection, I have decided to step up and serve my community by representing you, the residents of Gilroy, on the City Council. I find that too often the decisions coming out of the council chambers only split the council and, more importantly, split the community and divert attention away from addressing the serious needs of Gilroy. I want to provide independent leadership to find common ground, through a commonsense approach that benefits the common good for the entire community.

I am not a career politician interested only in maintaining elected office or promoting a personal agenda. Rather, my focus and energy will be on developing strong policy ideas to bridge the divide within the community, engaging in economic growth activities that bring actual results to Gilroy, and ensuring the public safety of our families and neighborhoods. I want to serve Gilroy and do what is best for our city.

About Tom:

“…an individual who has a history of unselfish service to the community, contributing to Gilroy’s welfare and betterment.” 
–Gilroy Chamber of Commerce

Tom Cline is known to his community as a devoted family man, dedicated business owner, and avidly involved Gilroy resident. He’s been married to Cindy Cline for 33 years. Together, they have four children and six grandchildren, all of whom share his passion for community involvement. Owner of Cline Glass Contractors since 2011, Cline understands the importance of citywide economic growth for business owners and residents alike. He has volunteered tirelessly within Gilroy to ensure the heartbeat of the city remains strong.

Tom's Endorsements:

Elected Officials - Law Enforcement - Businesses Leaders - Community Leaders, Organizations and Members - Families for Tom

Tom's Key Issues:

Tom Cline is by far the most qualified candidate for the Gilroy City Council. He brings the business skills of owning and operating a successful union-shop contracting firm. Tom has shown through his three decades of devotion to his church and local civic organizations that he works hard with one goal in mind… to help all of Gilroy reach its potential.” 
–Greg Bozzo GB Landscape Services, Inc.

Leadership | Public Safety | Economic Growth and Jobs | Fiscal Responsibility | Housing | Quality of Life

Please take a moment to learn more about me.
Feel free to contact me at 408-710-4847 or via email at tom@electtomcline.com should you have any questions or concerns.

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